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Read what our students have to say about our instructors and real estate classes they have taken in Maui, Oahu, Big Island, and Kauai.


Mr. Chee,

I would like to tell you that I went yesterday and took my PSI exam for the first time and passed both state and national. Thank you very much for everything. You are a great teacher!


Sam Eldin

Aloha Russell,

I took the PSI exam yesterday and I passed. Yahoo!  The questions on the exam were 90 for the general and 60 for the state.  I could not have done it without your advice and professional expertise.  Most of the material you covered in class was on the exam, but I would advise future students to study and read the entire book like I did.  The wording on the exam was a little bit confusing, but if you know the subject matter and think outside the box it should not be an issue for passing the exam because I did.




I couldn't have done this without your fine and very interesting instruction of the materials and Hawaii law.

Grant E. Oepkes

Russell Chee prepared me so well for the exams I passed both the National and State the first time. Would gladly recommend All Islands & Mr Chee to anyone.

Charles J. Pedrido, RA

I was in Jack Blanton’s Hawaii Real Estate Pre-Licensing class. I found Jack to be very motivating and positive towards all of his students. Jack also used real life stories as examples in class to help use remember things which I felt was very helpful.

After the course was over, I passed the National Test only a few days after, however being only an 8day crash course I didn’t feel ready for the state exam. I told Jack and he let me come to his office and worked with me for a bit the very next day I passed!

I believe any teacher who is willing to give up their free time to help a student after he is done teaching and not being paid anymore, Is someone who truly cares about his students and their success. Thanks for all your help Jack.



The class I took was really informative.  The instructor Jack Blanton was awesome.  He has a great way of teaching and the use of his personal examples really helps you understand and grasp what he is trying to teach you.  If you have questions he works one on one with you until you understand it.  Although the days were long and it was a lot of reading and listening, Jack made class fun and time went by faster.  I would definitely recommend All Islands Real Estate School!



Very impressed.  Jack Blanton was a TERRIFIC instructor.  He gave relevance to what otherwise might have been very dry material with his real life examples, many based on his personal experience.  He was organized, and very interested in our success.


Dick Holtzman

Just to let you know I thought the pre-license course was really good. In addition I found the instructor Jack Blanton to be one of the best teachers that I have ever had. I would most certainly recommend the course to anyone interested. Thank you so much.


Ross Keeler

Jack was great. He has so much knowledge in that head of his that he is amazing. I really enjoyed his way of teaching.
The program was overwhelming as there is so much to learn, memorize and know. It was frustrating. But as the class started to wind down, things started to sink in. I still have not taken the general and state exam. The class was a day too short I think.

I would recommend the class to others as long as Jack is the instructor. He keeps you awake and going. He has such a positive attitude.



I think our instructor was terrific.  Jack made the information approachable and his stories help to cement the concept in our heads.  Make sure you keep him in your pool of instructors.

The test had items which were not covered in the lessons.  You need to have the book spend more time on the STATE portion of the test.
I would recommend the class.


Kurt Matsumoto